Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Love that song

Hey everybody,
Just letting you all know about the restocking on coupon sites, in case you didn't know. At the beginning of every month all the great coupon sites like couponmom and couponsuzy etc. restock all of their coupons for the coming month. New great deals are around the corner, right at the click of a mouse.

Did everyone go check out Great deals there, especially my book readers out there.Don't forget that Groupon and other sites that I have mentioned have Daily Specials, those are some really good deals also. Walmart also offers a daily special as well, so thats worth giving a second look

I'm sorry that I havn't been writing regularly but for anyone that follows my blog regularly knows, our trailer is under a little construction at the moment and it is freezing. So, I have been staying at the house next door to stay warm. That's why lately my blogs may come every other day. Don't worry though, I have great posts racking up for you guys. As soon as we get some good heat over here then I'll be writing posts regularly again.

One more little word of advice though. Given the fact that most of my good deals are available only online, for those of you that are scared to put your info on the net, signing up for PayPal may be your ticket. It is easy to sign up for, free, and you don't have to put any info on the net wherever you check out (except for paypal). Keep in mind that all sites don't except PayPal though, most big site like Amazon or Ebay do. All you have to do, is when your checking out, make sure to click on check out with PaPpal. PayPal is safe, and works like an online debit card. PayPal pays the site for you, in your name of course, and then gets paid back through your debit or credit card.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update on

Here's the update guys.

The site lets users trade, buy, sell or swap kids' items, not just toys but also; sports equipment, clothing, toys, and kids' accessories. charges a small shipping fee for each transaction.
They even have a new service that lets you trade between more than one person so that you can increase your chances of getting what you want. So basically, the website still is there and working :]  I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to start using this website again.

I want to let you know about this awesome website called, formerly, Once upon a time this was my favorite website, I haven't used it lately. What it is, is a grand website where you can trade the the things that you don't need anymore for the things that you want, pretty awesome in my book. This website started out as a site where you could only trade books, movies, Cd's, and other media, but the company has grew and now you can trade all that, plus kids' toys. I haven't used it since the upgrade, so I'm not sure how you trade the toys. If you want to trade media however, you take the ISBN number, the number under the bar code on the back of your media, and you enter it in the site. The site then searches every member that is looking for that particular book and allows you to trade with something that they have. You can also enter the things that you want and see the things that you need in order to swap for that particular media. The site is free, the only thing that you pay is whatever it costs to ship your media to the person your trading with. When you go to the post office just ask to ship by media mail, which is pretty self explanatory, and that (depending on how heavy the item is) is usually cheaper than sending it by regular mail. Keep in mind though, media mail can only be used to ship media. I visited the website today and it had a message at the bottom of the screen that said the website was discontinued on December of 2012, but considering that it sent me to the shop when I clicked on it, I decided to let you guys know. I'm going to do more research on the site and see if it will be back. If so, I'll let you know. This website is definitely worth looking at though if you are big into music, reading or even watching movies.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey everyone, I know that I haven't done a post in the past few days, but I think that everyone knows how the weather was the day before yesterday, definitely not "get-on-the-computer" weather. Yesterday, however, I spent the night researching how to install insulation in floors, ceiling, walls, windows, doors, basements, and crawlspaces. Pretty cool stuff and even though it may sound intimidating, it looks pretty easy. Since I promised to keep you updated on my d.i.y. learning process, I'll give you the scoop of what I learned.You'll need a few things first, a mask, a long sleeved shirt (providing that your working with fiberglass insulation), hammer, nails, staple gun, a plastic sheet, and insulation, and something to secure it with, I say something because there are many options out there. Keep in mind that windows and doors have a completely different process and needed tools and materials. As with anything that you buy, there is options as to what kind of insulation that you buy as well. You can buy the ever famous roll (where you get into faced and unfaced), pre-cut insulation known as batts, loose insulation that you have to use a hose for. R-19 insulation is recommended for houses Kentucky, as well as floors, and trailers. Not quite sure what the R stands for in R-19 but that just leaves room for more research doesn't it, I'll update you guys later on what that means. You can buy insulation, not only in pre-cut pieces, but also vapor resistant, mold and mildew resistant and energy efficient. Of course those particular things will cost you a pretty penny. Just make sure to cut the insulation an inch wider than the space that you need it for, so that it will fit snugly while still holding it's own.  I encourage you to do your own research if you are planning on doing any home improvement. Just know that installing or even refreshing your insulation can save you up to 25% on your heating and cooling bill, and that is pretty cool. Well that's about all that I learned, other than the actual installation process but I'll let you do your own research about that, so check back later today for a post about a really cool money saving tip that I have for you guys. Have a blessed day. :]